It’s More Than The Music

DSC_0659At the age of 13, most of us don’t know what we want to do or more importantly what God wants us to do. Surprisingly enough, I did. I knew it in my heart and mind that even though I had lots to learn, He wanted me to be a Southern Gospel singer. How, why, and when I did not know. All I knew was that God had given me my call.

When embarking on this journey five years ago, I never could have imagined where I would already be at 18 years old. Owning a tour bus, being signed with an agency and already having a manager, I mean it’s crazy! When out on the road people never fail to ask me this question, “What is it like being on stage and singing the music”? Quite often I don’t have time to give the answer I want and usually I just reply with “It’s my blessing.”

However, there is one thing that I think everyone needs to know: it’s more than the music. If you could take away all the lights, the stage, and the music I would still be singing. Why, you may ask? Because from the moment the Father breathed air into my lungs I was created to be a worshiper!

Scripture tells us that we can sing a song that the angels cannot even sing, and to me that is something that should humble us all. At the end of the day the stage, lights, and music are nice but I don’t need those things to worship Jesus, they are just a bonus. Most often we as believers get caught up believing that Jesus needs us to worship Him, when that is totally not the case. It is our greatest gift that we can even whisper the name Jesus. And every time I step on stage and the music starts to play, I have to remember that. It’s more than the music.

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