What’s It Like On The Road?


Life on the road is nothing short of an adventure! The adventures do vary due to where the team and I are traveling but each one seems to bring special memories with every mile driven! The memories range from people, cities, country side, church families, and much more.

Even though the memories are great, life on the road is not meant for everyone! You have to be prepared for hours on end in a bus, sleeping in hotels all over the country, and having to change what you order because not all states have “good ole” southern sweet tea! However, I wouldn’t change this life for anything! Its such a blessings being able to share the Gospel of Jesus through the talent of music performance. Always meeting new people who have a story and can connect with the songs I sing and the lyrics I write.

One of the other gifts I receive from being on the road all the time is being able to see and experience some of this nation’s most beautiful churches. Some of the most inspirational artwork can be found in the stained glass windows and woodwork of aged churches and sanctuaries. At the end of the day I would not be able to live this “life on the road” without the love and support of my family, friends, and loyal fans!


/ SM

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