Learning To Be A Branch

I’m a planner and I am OCD…. putting these two things together can sure make for a mixture of dysfunction. Living on the road 200+ days a year I have to have my calendar planned out many months to almost a year in advance. People, addresses, times, states, days, minutes, and even down to the very second I have to have everything perfect and planned.

However, in life perfection is something we strive for but never reach mentally, physically, or spiritually. We try our best to make good decisions when it comes to who our friends are, the job we do, how much schooling we have, the food we eat, or where to live…. these lists are getting long, aren’t they? As long as these lists are, I have yet to even throw in the random moments of problems, issues, disasters, and brokenness that we all deal with in our own ways and own volumes. If we think perfection was hard to reach before, it’s even harder now when we try to handle and make perfect a bad situation or fix something in our life we obviously can see is broken.

I personally believe that this very thing (being broken) is the one link that connects everyone together. We are all broken and dealing with something no matter how big or how small – “something” is always there. As a disciple of Jesus I would like to say that dealing with brokenness in life is easy. Honestly it is, but understanding that and understanding how to handle being broken isn’t always so simple.

As humans we all like to have control of the situations in our life. We feel we know how to handle them the best so we can reach the outcome we see best fit for our own life. Where did we as followers of the Way go wrong, believing that it was by our power that we could overcome or handle brokenness and problems in our life? We somehow have stepped into this reality of believing that we are God and that we do a better job of handling our problems than the One we have put our faith in….. thats exactly the word… FAITH.

We have watered down faith and shallow trust when it comes to giving up control in our lives and saying “Jesus, I trust you.” One of Jesus’ biggest yet overlooked commandants in the new testament says this: “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing” John 15:5.

Did you catch it? Jesus instructs us and calls us to just simply ABIDE… to just be a branch! We get so caught up in our life trying to do the job of the vine and we forget to just be the branch. I honestly believe that if we as believers would simply pray and focus on just doing the job of a branch – which is abiding (reading the word, seeking his face, praying on all occasions, inviting in the Holy Spirit) – we would see things drastically change in our life!

More importantly we would see victory over our issues and see our lives become complete and whole in the midst of brokenness! Sit back for a moment… breath and ask Him… “Lord where am I in my own life trying to do your job of being the Vine?”…. “Lord, help me learn to be a branch and just abide”…. Amen.

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow, well said, to God’s glory! Amen!

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